Stock up on Woodlets Briquettes for winter 2023/24

Buy woodlets briquettes

Buy packs of Woodlets Briquettes!

  • Available in full and half pallets
  • 96 packs of six logs or 48 packs of six logs
  • 100% natural, premium-grade briquettes from sustainable British sources
  • High-energy sustainable wood fuel for all wood burners and fire pits


  • Six long-burning premium-grade briquettes for all open fires, multi-stoves, wood and log burners
  • Each briquette: 300mm x 75mm x 75mm

Easy to use and store

  • Can be split by hand for smaller stoves
  • Heat output: 4.8kWh/kg
  • Moisture content less than 10%
  • Exceeds new Clean Air Quality standards

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  • Clean Air Act compliant
  • Ultra Low emissions
  • 100% UK timber
  • Long burn-time
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to store