The Lowest CO2 Footprint in the Business

We take the sustainability of our wood pellets and wood briquettes very seriously and question every step of our process.

Sustainable leadersLand Energy has been awarded the only globally recognised Certification Mark for Sustainability for being part of UNESCO’s Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Reserve which is recognised internationally has a world-class environment for people and nature.

The raw material that comes into our plant comes from forests within 80 miles of the factory.

The forests we use have felling licences and every tree that is felled, is replanted, typically within 12 months.

The logs we use are those that are rejected by the sawmill sector, either due to the size or shape of the timber. Logs that are too skinny, large or bent are scooped up by land Energy and put to good use in our production plant.

Where possible, we make use of our coastal location to receive deliveries by ship, helping to reduce road travel and emissions.