100% British – made from local, sustainable wood from FSC® responsibly-managed forests
  • Clean Air Act compliant
  • Ultra Low emissions
  • 100% sustainable
  • 100% UK timber
  • Long-burning time
  • Greater heat output
  • Can be split by hand for smaller stoves
  • Simple to store and use.
  • Burn with intense heat
  • Lasts up to twice as long as logs
  • Moisture content less than 10%, Minimum ash – less than 0.7% – compost ready!
  • Annual saving of 40% compared to logs.



Sustainability is at the heart of our business. It is something we take very seriouslyWoodlets Briquettes are made by Land Energy which is very proud of its sustainability status. We hold the only globally-recognised badge of sustainability.


Sustainability is at the heart and core of our business and we question every step of our process. Land Energy’s Woodlets Briquettes have been recognised by UNESCO’s Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Reserve which is highly-regarded internationally and has a world-class environment for people and nature.

We have been credited with the only globally-recognised Certification Mark for Sustainability – one of just 21 companies to do so in the UK. We are located in South West Scotland on the edge of the largest area of commercial forestry in the UK. Around the forest are sawmills, panel board manufacturers, fencing product manufacturers and biomass heating systems. We are part of a well-established and sustainable system that uses all of the tree.


No trees are felled for our briquettes – we use the ‘lop and top’ of the tree – those bits that are left behind by the sawmill sector. All of our raw material comes from responsibly-managed local forests. The average delivery distance is less than 50 miles. We are certified under the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) which, in the UK, is a rigorous and well-respected system to verify forest operations from planting to harvesting to processing and re-planting. As a result of FSC®, the UK has better forestry systems.

The timber we use is from fast-growing commercial species which grow well in our area due to the climate (wet and mild). This timber is rejected by the sawmill sector, due to the size or shape of the timber; logs that are too skinny, large or bent are scooped up by Land Energy and put to good use in our production plant. Where possible, we make use of our coastal location to receive deliveries by ship, helping to reduce road travel and emissions. Every year six million trees are planted in partnership with our local forestry owners to ensure that we are part of a truly sustainable woodland resource.

The mass of timber doesn’t reduce -there is a continuous programme of planting, thinning and felling. The actual volume of timber available in South West Scotland is growing  and will continue to do so through to the late 2030s – which is as far as projections run.  Overall, mass of timber in the UK is growing, not shrinking.

As sustainable leaders in our industry
 and as our business expands, we are very confident of our fibre and our product credentials.

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